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Jessica Cordero

" if you ever need a lawyer , Larry is definitely the guy to go to. He plays no games. He is the real deal! And he is 100% worth more than the amount he asks for ! He is a miracle for me and I’m so grateful he helped me with my case! "

Eric Reymer

"If you ever need a lawyer in your corner then attorney Kansky is the guy for you. He is honest and stood by what he said he could do for me. Thank you atty Kansky"

Floyd Mcroy

"Larry Kansky, amazing attorney and the most heartfelt person I have ever met, Larry truly cares about his clients NO MATTER the situation they are going through. Safe to say he saved my future, and without him I wouldn't be where I am today. He sat down, talked with me, and worked every single possible angle of the case to make sure I was not getting my whole entire life taken away from me. Me and my entire family are forever thankful for his services, his dedication, and his passion when working with us, to get to the true outcome of the case. If you want an attorney, who will put his all into a case, Lawrence Kansky is the man for you! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family, and we will always consider you a part of our family. Words will never describe the appreciation I have for you."

Scot Murphy

"Larry is a great attorney and even greater person. He is thorough, on-time and does what he says he is going to do. I am really glad our paths crossed and I am sure I will use his services in the future"

Brittany Marra

"I have engaged the services of Attorney Lawrence Kansky on multiple occasions for various matters. He was helpful, reliable, and knowledgeable. He provided honest advice and was always available when I needed him. With Attorney Kansky, you get afforable representation with excellent results. I would highly recommend Attorney Kansky to anyone searching for legal representation

Anelia De' Abreu

"Larry is a great lawyer. Dealt with my high profile case without a sweat. Best possible outcome with case. Super cool to talk to and sympathize with you just be honest with him."
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